Early Orlando report

This is the big room, but not the only room. Regional events here.

Thursday, the start of the first session.

Yesterday started on a high, ended in the gutter. I put out feelers with all my contacts to find a partner for the Blue Ribbon pairs, and Billy Miller came through, introducing me to Arline Fulton. She’s played forever, was born in Berkeley but now lives in New Jersey and is easy to play with.

Our first session was a 55.6% and I was ecstatic. Our second was an unmitigated disaster and we didn’t Q.

Seeing lots of good players also not qualify is no consolation or excuse. As is too often the case, I think my focus was poor; if I could keep my head in the game more I’d win more. It’s that simple, and that difficult.

The good news is that Linda Gross and Heidi Lippitt DO focus well, they qualified 31st in the mini-Blue Ribbon. I had dinner with them last night. They ordered the sliders–three tiny filets-on-a-bun. Because they were sharing and have different tastes, they ordered one rare one medium and one well done. You just gotta love them.

Mike B missed the cut yesterday, too, though nowhere near as spectacularly as I did. Today we have a Swiss team of Mike, Tom J, Linda, Billy Miller and me. They graciously added me at the last moment because I had nothing else to do today and they wanted to save me from the perils of going to Disneyland.

Gail isn’t here because her friend Susan Rowley is in charge of the information desk and wouldn’t have any time to play or hang out. I keep going to the info desk and asking questions but she never has the answer. “What is the atomic weight of cesium?” “what is the complimentary color to puce?”. “What is the pluperfect tense of the verb “to creep””? I don’t think she has this information thing down just yet.

Time for mention play. More later.

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