What I didn’t do last night

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, last night we had ticket to the Monster Trucks show.  Massive, noisy, purpose-built behemoth racing around and crushing junk cars, trucks, trailer and even airplanes.  Redneck heaven by the bay, and we had good seats.

But then we realized that it wasn’t in the Oakland Oracle Arena, but in the Coliseum.   The outdoors, not covered, open to the 40° sky Coliseum.

I would have gone.  Gail, not so much. SR, that Florida softened sissy who cries when the house drops under 75, was visibly quaking at the thought of being outside where it was cold enough to see your breath.

So we didn’t go.  Daughter Kate and granddaughters Demi and Chloe took their tickets and headed off into the great freeze. Fortunately, Kate uses an iPhone and loves to take photos.  Here’s what they saw:


Big trucks flying noisily through the frigid air--what could be better?

One of the trucks didn't make it--lying on its side at the far edge

There's a truck flying through the air in there.

Wanna buy a hat?

They loved it.  They are already making plans to go again next year.  Can you still buy long underwear?  I think I’m going to need some.

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