The lost November Unitscope

Playing cards day and night is all well and good, but you get better by studying and working.  The ACBL Bulletin runs the “It’s your call” quiz every month, and I was pretty darned pleased to see that Ally Whiteneck and Trisha Oconnor both were listed for achieving perfect scores in October.  There doesn’t seem to be any limit to how much there is to learn about bridge: I think I have as much to figure out today as I did 40 years ago.  But maybe that’s just me……..

The boys who go to Gatlinburg every April aren’t the only travelers in the Diablo Valley.  Bob Alfandary writes me that he and partner Susan Nurock took second in their bracket in a regional in Ocean City, Maryland last month.  Bob says they did plenty of sightseeing, but I think they just went for the crab bisque—which is reason enough to go to Maryland anytime.

The unit had a memorial pro-am game for Ken White last month, and there were 19 tables of pros and ams playing and learning and making friends in the club.  The unit provided pizza, and Iris promises that the next time they hold this event there will be duplicated boards and hand records.  Of course, by then we will have the hand duplicating machine the unit has purchased, which will make a wonderful difference in club and unit games in general.

The Unit mentor program continues to bring players together.  I’m required to mention that Mike Rippey, playing with his mentor Gail Giffen, had two 60+% games in the same week.  I wish she’d teach me that well.

So I’m holding up my column, and thus the entire Western Conference Forum, breathlessly awaiting the news/results from the Iron Horse Sectional, which ended an hour ago.  I call my secret source; she fills me in on all the dirt.  To wit:  there was a tournament.  It was good.  Attendance was fair, down 45 tables from last year.  Somebody won; although not my secret source, who is giving up the game forever or at least for tomorrow.  There were no fistfights. Hospitality and refreshments were wonderful.  I think it’s time to put an ad on Craigslist for another secret source.

Next month is the NABC in San Diego.  I hope to see many of you there, winning those last gold points and enjoying the Mexican food and balmy weather.  But don’t trust my secret source to tell me about the great things you do, write me at

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