Free money update

As noted in this post, Costco is selling $100 Hyatt gift certificates for $79.99

I got them, but wasn’t going to stop worrying until I used them.  Worry time is over, there was no problem at all.

I checked out this morning, and paid a $900 hotel bill with $800 worth of the certificates–and there was no question, no problem, just “Thanks for staying with Hyatt”.

And I most certainly wasn’t the only one using the certificates this morning–I watched other people using them too.  In fact, the front desk clerk suggested buying more of them, noting that they never expire.  (California state law, gift certificates may not expire, even if they have a printed expiration date)

We’ll be back in Monterey next year, and the hotel in Santa Clara is a Hyatt too.  Costco, here I come.

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