Libby re-elected in landslide!!

First board meeting of the year this morning

Perhaps because she was running unopposed, Iris Libby was re-elected to the post of Grand Pooh-bah of Unit 499 this morning.  We get to enjoy one more year of her glorious reign.

Grant Robinson is now Vice President, Brian Eisenberg remains as treasurer.  Ally Whiteneck made a power fake to the position of Secretary, then doubled back into chairmanship of the mentoring program, leaving Terry Boyd confused and dizzy, but Secretary nonetheless.

Pat George and Rosalind Juo are Hospitality co-chairs.  Sharon Tarpinian is in charge of membership and Judy Keilin is running new member recruitment.  Bill George remains in charge of the web site.

Bruce Johnsonbaugh was left in charge of special games, and as near as I can tell Frank Concepcion and Greg Vance just skated through unscathed.  Not to worry, Iris will think of something for them to do.

The unit has about $25,000 in the bank, and the board is trying to come up with sane ways to spend some of it.  I wanted to order 800 matching polo shirts embroidered with everyone’s names, but nobody liked that idea.  No, I’m not on the board but anybody can go to the meetings.

More seriously, I was there to present the idea of holding a Unit Memorial game once a year which would be a two session Swiss team event with a dinner between sessions.  Mike Bandler and Buzz Kribs will put up a trophy for the winners in the name of Mike Katz. Years ago we had an event like this, the Flower Memorial game, which was held in November to commemorate Harry Flower and his wife, Mrs. Flower.  Over time, that game seems to have just measeled away, and I would like to bring it back. 

We are a community, more than just some people who like to play a card game.  I think we want to work on building and maintaining that community, and an annual social event is a good way to do just that.

These things aren’t cheap, though.  Two sessions and a catered dinner will cost some real money, and in the past the unit subsidized the cost considerably.  Just how considerably is for the board to decide, not me.  I have been charged with going out and getting some basic price estimates, and I will be doing that in the coming couple of weeks.  In the past we held the Flower Memorial at the Walnut Creek Elks, the Holiday Inn, the Concord Inn and Royal Vista Country club.  If you have any other ideas of where we might hold 35-40 tables of bridge please let me know.

One thought on “Libby re-elected in landslide!!

  1. Chris,

    Although they are not the classiest places the Walnut Creek and or the Concord Senior centers may be an option. Lorin

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