Regrets, I’ve had a few

Gail and I enjoy eating out, and have had the pleasure of eating in some of the finest restaurants in the world–The French Laundry, for instance.

Sometimes, though, you get a clunker.  Last night we hit a major pothole on the road to fine dining, King Tsin in Albany.

We went to this place because it was close to the theater where we saw Invictus.  It may well have been the worst Chinese restaurant I’ve ever seen.

Start with classic Chinese restaurant decor: none.  Garish fluorescent lights, no carpets, bare tables with paper place mats.  It was a chilly night outside, and an even colder night inside.

The wor won ton soup, which is won ton soup with extra items added in,  was tasteless and didn’t really have anything more than one would expect from the most basic won ton soup.

I’ve had moo shu pork in dozens of places, but never seen anything like what we were served.  I guess there was pork in it somewhere.

We ordered Kung Pao chicken, but what we got was some kind of Szechuan chicken, sort of like chicken McNuggets with a hot sauce.

The menu opens with a page about how Papa came over from China in the late 40’s to open a restaurant.   Apparently, he brought the filling for the pot stickers with him, because the filling tasted like it had been sitting in the kitchen for the last 60 years.  Yeeeeech.

I had to ask twice for rice, but the tea was hot.  Sort of.

I don’t think I’ll be going back to King Tsin in this lifetime.

King Tsin

1699 Solano Avenue, Albany

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