Insanity continues

Sitting in the airport lounge waiting for our flight. Through security again–this time there was nothing suspicious about Gail’s sweatshirt. Why different rules in different cities? Either the usual bureaucratic incompetence or a calculated plan to keep the sheeple off balance and submissive. Take your pick.

Here in the lounge, the waitress insisted on carding both of us. Assinine bureaucracy isn’t just for government, I suppose.

One thought on “Insanity continues

  1. The Washington State Liquor Control Board in action. Heavy fines to the establishment for serving underage patrons, as well as suspension of the server’s license to dispense alcohol. (Yes, you have to be certified by the state of Washington to serve alcohol, or even to be a waiter/waitress delivering a drink). Many businesses have gone to the “zero-tolerance” extreme, requiring employees to check everyone. Seems the lounge is getting the same mind-set. Which was it?

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