Lunch at Ivar’s

There must be a thousand good restaurants up here, but I don’t know my way around. So we keep taking Toby to the same place for a meal–Ivar’s Salmon House.

Ivar’s is a local chain with a good reputation and a policy of serving only wild, sustainably caught fish.

I started with the smoked salmon chowder–a soup waaaay too rich for Linda B to enjoy but I thought it was great. This is the only place I’ve seen a salmon chowder, which kind of amazes me considering how good it is.

People who know me know that I don’t like mushrooms. I’m trying to grow up and expand my horizons, though. Lately I’ve come to at least tolerate chantarelles, those fabulous golden bits of wonder that grow wild in the hills. So I was willing to order the grilled king salmon over pasta with chantarelles.

You can imagine my disappointment and chagrin when the waiter plopped down my plate and said “we’re out of chantarelles. These are black trumpet mushrooms. The chef says they’re delicious.”

Well, maybe not quite. I ate them, they weren’t horrible like most fungi, but they sure weren’t what I had in mind. See how grown up I can be?

Still and all, we like Ivar’s and I guess we’ll go back they next time we come up to see the kid. But I’m checking on the mushrooms first.

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