Chris’ Birthday Regional Update 1

We have some early winners. Manfred Michlmayr and Jack Beers won the Tuesday Evening Charity game. Bob and Nancy Munson were 2nd in the afternoon charity game.

Gail Giffen and Barbara Hanson were 6th in the Wednesday Seniors.

Tournament attendance seems fair, at best. 18 tables today in the Open Pairs. The good news is that they ran it as 2 nine-table sections and scored across the field. The bad news is that I had a hideous first round, and then came in 2nd in the evening. The good news is that the pair I most disliked had a 36% and were dead last.

Food so far has been mediocre–Max’s Opera Cafe used to be a pretty cool place, but it sure didn’t impress me Tuesday night. Elephant Bar is just a notch above the Sizzler.

Friends went to Straits last night, somewhere in Burlingame, and came back raving about it. So that’s where Gail and I will try on Friday. Kuleto’s is another great place nearby, if you are looking for a really good meal, not just consuming nutrition.

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