We’re going on an adventure

I’m not much of a Winnie the Pooh kind of guy; I don’t think I ever read any of the stories.  But something about going somewhere new always makes me think of Pooh, and I go around chanting “We’re going on an adventure” to the point of Gail’s distraction.

Today, we’re off an a particularly exciting adventure:  Cuba.  I’ve wanted to go there for ages, and definitely want to do so before the USA gets smart and stops this silly 50 year old vendetta that prevents Americans from visiting an island only 90 miles away from us. Can it be true, as some have suggested to me, that US gambling interests are the ones largely behind the continued embargo?

This trip came up totally by accident–cousin Judy had Christmas dinner with us,and saw a photo we have that was taken in Havana.  She mentioned that she was going on a tour, and we just horned in as fast as possible. Gail is pretty fond of joining other people’s vacations–that how we took an Alaskan cruise with Jack and Carol Scott a few years ago, and we’re talking about joining Tom and Barbara Jacobson in Africa in September.

There are only 7 of us, on a completely legal tour arranged by an Oregon travel agency specializing in adventure travel.  We are the proud possessors of a “humanitarian” visa, which means I got to go to Costco Sunday and pick up $250 worth of aid–over the counter medicines, mostly.

Gail, Steve, Lauren, Joan, Bob and Judi at our first dinner

We all flew into Miami today, and tomorrow we will make the short flight to Havana.  The travel agency insists that we need to be FOUR hour early for the flight, which is completely impossible for me to believe, so that won’t be happening.  These people always tell you that it is “imperative” and “mandatory” that you do things which are neither, just to manipulate you into making their life easy.  But it won’t surprise you that I’m not much of a rule follower.

So I’m excited as heck, can’t wait for what tomorrow brings.  Our hotel has internet access, so I’m expecting to make daily updates.

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