Sex, or the lack thereof

If a show with this girl isn't sexy, there's something wrong

No,not that. Mongo es muy macho. Get your mind out of the gutter.

What I want to talk about tonight is how the lack of advertising leads to a lessening of sexuality in an entire community, and whether or not it really matters.

Sunday night, we went to the Club Parisienne, for a classic Havana stage show/extravaganza. Dozens of brilliantly costumed performers prancing about the stage to aburdly, insanely, deafeningly loud music. Singers. Dancers. Spotlights. Glitz and Glamor. About as sexy as a Methodist teen social in an Omaha church basement.

Girls in sheer body stockings with pasties sewn-on. This is something I should like. Nothing. Boring. They just couldn’t sell it.

And it isn’t just the show–walk down the street, and nothing catches your eye in that way. The city is exemplified by buildings in ruins yet still occupied. The young women and men are well dressed and attractive, but without the overt sexuality and daring dress of Buenos Aires or Madrid or Los Angeles.

This is a society that just isn’t soaked in sex. They like doing it–there are babies everywhere. But sex isn’t the driving force that in America and Europe. I think it’s because there is no advertising. We sell cars and soap and green beans with beautiful women and handsome men. There is nothing for sale here, and no models standing around to dress up the goods.

I’ve been trying to write this for 24 hours, and finally figured out my problem:  I don’t have anything to say.

This seemed like an easy article–I found a huge difference between the countries, I should be able to expound deeply on why our way is better, or worse, or something.  The truth is that, despite all the hand wringing in  America about too much sex on TV and the movies and magazines, here is a country with none of the above and the difference is a big ho-hum.

There are major important differences between the US and Cuba.  Totally different economic and political systems have led to huge wealth in one and, if not poverty, then certainly very little wealth in the other.   Very even distribution in one, wildly exaggerated distribution in the other.  These things matter.

But the people here seem no less happy or content than the people at home.  Given their form of government, it might well be hard to tell if there was great dissent, I suppose, but I don’t think that there is.

The difference in the level of sex saturation?  Doesn’t seem to make a whit of difference.  Maybe Sister John Lucy was right in the 6th grade when she said this sex stuff was overrated, after all.

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