Tired and sore

This guy coughs less than I do.

Well, I’ve found a new way to get exercise–wracking my body incessantly with paroxysms of coughing.  Yep, three solid weeks I’ve been hacking like a retired coal miner, with no end in sight.  Two trips to Kaiser, inhaler, cough syrup, cough pills, Thera-Flu and bourbon, nasal spray, and it’s getting worse, not better.  Every day I think I’m about to cough up a kidney.

Yes, I’m whining.  It doesn’t help, but it makes me feel better–which is more than the quacks at Kaiser can do, it would seem.

…    (note my pallid attempt at 3 dot journalism.  Good enough for Herb Caen and Willie Brown, good enough for me.)

The stupidity continues.  A Congressman from the LA area, Duncan Hunter, speaking in front of a Tea Party rally last weekend, decided to grab some glory by supporting deporting US citizens who were the children of illegals.

Besides the obvious illegality and unconstitutionality of deporting a citizen, one might wonder just one little thing:

Where the heck do you deport a US citizen to?  His country of birth? DUhhhhhhhhh


Another mentoring session at the Bridge Center this Saturday morning–I think Allie has about 15 tables signed up.  I’m supposed to be on my best behavior and be nice to people, so I’ll try to fake it for 2 hours.

This program has been a raging success.  Are you participating?  You’re either a student or a teacher, tutor or tuttee–there really isn’t any middle ground.  It’s hard enough to get people in the door to learn the game, once we have them we owe it to ourselves to keep them interested and moving forward.  Step up and do your part.

Small world department–the volcano in Iceland had effects close to home.  Larry Ledgerwood, BJ’s handsome husband, was supposed to go to France for work and the entire event was cancelled when he and many others couldn’t get there.  Poor guy was forced to stay home and go sailing.

I can’t think of anything else to write.  Guess I’ll chug some cough syrup with codeine and hit the sack–have to be brilliant in the morning, Bandler can be a heavy load to carry.

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