This may not be a good omen

The guy in front of me has his seat reclined so far there is no chance I can open my computer

The scruffy kid next to me is reading quietly, compulsively twisting his hair.

And we’re still on the ground forty five minutes after we left the gate. Except we turned around and came back for some purported radio problem– the airlines can never be trusted to tell you the truth.

It doesn’t really matter since I have a few hour layover in Miami anyway. Just an omen.

2 thoughts on “This may not be a good omen

  1. One other “minor” problem is that the Middle East just blew up today with the Isrealies attacking those Turkish ships…

  2. Response to Chris: Better your delays/mechanicals happen a) with all wheels on the ground rather than at 35,000 feet and b) with AA rather than BFE airlines over in Africa.

    Response to Mike: Not quite sure that it was the Israelis “attacking”. If you check closely, they offered to offload all cargo in Ashdod and deliver it to Gaza, but that offer was refused – setting up the confrontation (which was the ship’s personnel’s goal all along, not the delivery of supplies). Further, the Israelis only fired after being attacked first (and there is film to that effect).

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