The infinite incompetence of government

Here I am, halfway around the world, and I find this in my email, from Lorene Lamb:

Dear Gail & Chris:
I have moved all my games to Redwood. There were 12 players that
received parking ticket last Tuesday. I have been working for over
two years, talking to every one down at city hall. an;d have finally
given up.

So we had a great program, using a city rec center on a regular basis for the benefit of, well, citizens.  And the city had to go and intentionally ruin it.

Are we too old?  Too rich?  Too white? (Gasp!!!!  Did he actually say that?  Yes, I did. And if you didn’t think of at least the possibility of  it, you’ve let political correctness take over your critical thinking processes.)

Or did Lorene fail to bribe the right person?  That’s more of an east coast thing, but I guess nothing is impossible.

Is this really the best government money can buy?

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