The Wildside of Orlando

Our fantastic waitress. Or the waitress of my fantasies. Works either way.

There are a few things I really like here, and the Wildside restaurant is one of them

Located just a couple of blocks from where Susan and Karl live, the Wildside is the kind of hip, happening, loud, fun place that I always wanted to fit into, but never did.  Now I’m too old to care, but the place is still cool.

Where else can you get an order of gator bites?  Yep, real alligator, deep fried and tasty.  The Heineken girls will be there next Thursday, too.

The customers are a bit on the outrageous side, too.

As is normal for a tropical climate, the restaurant is as much outside as inside.  Inside has is cooler and drier, but louder.  Outside is balmy yet pleasant with large ceiling fans.

The food is pretty much on the macho side, with burgers and sliders and BBQ darned near everything, besides the gator.  They do offer a couple of really good entrée salads: I had the Wild Thai and Gail had the Taco salads.

This being Florida, there is one mandatory item on the dessert list:

If I can't have a slice of key lime pie, I'm not coming to Florida.

Since we’re going home in the morning and having a party tonight, this was my last chance to get a slice of the local heaven.  Yes, everyone else had to share with me, even though they chuckled at me when I ordered it.

4 thoughts on “The Wildside of Orlando

  1. You can find gator bites all over Florida, actually. The only reason they are not on most menus is because most tourists are afraid to eat them. Another words, they’re not Disneyfied. Up near Gainesville, I had gator ribs. Delicious!

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