We’re going on another adventure


Another day, another adventure



This has been a strange year. A tremendous amount of travel, ranging from the very primitive to the very luxurious.

Last month, I was travelling like a poor college student, staying in an “inn” with the bathroom down the hall, where each guest got his very own roll of toilet paper to carry and the towel, singular, was the size and softness of a postage stamp. It’s OK, I was on a volunteer/service trip and the experience was priceless.

Now, we’re off on the polar opposite of that trip–2 weeks of high class loafing on the Crystal Serenity with Micky and Linda Bandler. We fly to JFK, then Madrid, then Venice, where we get on the ship. Then stooging around the Greek Isles and the Black Sea until we land in Istanbul, and fly home through Madrid and DFW.

Everyone I know who likes to cruise just raves about Crystal, to the point where I think I should hear celestial harps and horns every time someone whispers the name “Crystal”. I’m sure it’s a nice boat, but it’s going to be hard to live up to the advance billing. Micky says I can have caviar at every meal–and if that’s really true, I’m getting the entire cost of the trip back in Beluga and Mallosol.

Cruise ships like to gouge you for everything–there is a day trip available to the Lamborghini Factory in Italy, and the cost is $1800 per person for the one day trip. No, you don’t get to keep the car for that kind of money, either. Internet access is ghastly expensive, too, but that won’t stop me–I’ll be posting as often as I can afford it. Maybe they’ll take some of their own caviar back in trade for wireless time?

One thought on “We’re going on another adventure

  1. And don’t forget the open sushi bar in the Silk Road restaurant. Really high quality ingredients, and some innovative items. Get the new style sashimi, and don’t miss the tuna tataki. Plus a bunch of the Nobu items.

    And if you have dinner in Prego, the carpaccio is wonderful, as is the osso buco. Tell your waiter in either specialty restaurant that you’re a friend of mine and they should take even better care of you. And get the Japanese cappuccino in Silk. Tell them I ordered it for you.

    Have fun. And remember…..it’s CRYSTAL.

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