Baby it’s cold in here

We’re in South Lake Tahoe for our annual weekend at Jack and Carol Scott’s cabin. Forty eight hours of bridge, hanging out and going to dinner.

We always have a great time, but this year there’s a hitch–we don’t have any heat. And it’s 30 degrees at night.

Over the winter, a bear decided to take up residence under the house, and tore out all the heating ductwork. Then there’s some problem with the chimney, so we can’t build a fire. We plugged in one small electric heater, but a second one blew the circuit breakers.

Last night we were plenty cold. This morning we ended up packing our bid boxes and Doop and heading for a local coffeehouse to play cards somewhere warm.

Finally, the cabin is pretty comfortable. It was sunny today, and the heater has been on for twenty- four hours. Of course, in an A-frame cabin the heat all rises to where you don’t need it. At least the master bedroom is on the second floor so the Scott’s are toasty.

Fridays dinner was at a place cutely named Fresh Ketch. The food was good and the portions were simply enormous. I finished less than half my meal.

Tonight we went to Blue Water Bistro, hidden behind a motel but built on a dock into the lake. Excellent food–particularly the fresh halibut fish and chips.

Gail and I are beating Jack and Carol like Atlanta beat the Giants. Time to go back for the next set of hands.


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