Airport sanity–from the Brits

Airport “security” is a pet peeve of mine, and it’s nice to see that someone is taking a second look at the inefficient insanity of the security theater.  Of course, this comes from England, not our beloved TSA:


The UK’s largest airport owner has backed calls for an overhaul of Britain’s aviation security regime after the chairman of British Airwaysattacked “redundant” anti-terror measures.

BAA, owner of Heathrow airport, said the screening of travellers’ shoes was one example of a safety regime that had become uncomfortable for passengers. Colin Matthews, BAA’s chief executive, said: “I do think that if we could start from a clean sheet of paper and design a coherent overall process then we would be in a better place. What we have today is the result of incremental additions being laid on top of each other.

Heathrow has been a particularly difficult airport to negotiate–I hope that they manage some intelligent reform, and that the common sense approach spreads.

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