The Happiest place on Earth

Lynne Humphreys, Trisha Oconnor and Marj Russell, Life Masters all

Ambushed at the concierge desk last night by Lynne, Trisha and Marj, glowing in victory because Lynne got her Gold Card.  They were too excited to tell me exactly what event provided the magical gold points, but I guess that will turn up sooner or later. Randy Corr is the fourth on their team, but this was a girls celebration so he got left out of the picture literally and figuratively.

Grant Robinson and Terry Boyd are here, and they took 2nd place in the morning side series.

I played with the same lady Thursday (in a regional Mixed Pairs event) that I did on Tuesday–and with basically the same results.  A great first session, 60% section top, ghastly second session.  If they still scheduled horizontal events, two afternoon sessions, we’d be unbeatable.

The concierge mentioned above did a great job–I ended up at a seafood house and had stone crab for the first time.  Stone crab is an interesting product–you only get claws.  They catch the crabs, break off the better of its claws, and throw the crab back into the water to regenerate.  Then the next season they can catch it again and break off the other claw and repeat the process.  It sounds strange, but no stranger than Lorin Waxman flying to Montana just to torture trout by catching them, laughing at them and then throwing them back.  And at least you get to enjoy the claws, which are really good, not as sweet but more flavorful than the Dungeness we get in California.

Today we, me, Mike, Linda and Tom J, start the North American Swiss.  Just your average 3 day Nationally rated Swiss teams.  Although still brutally difficult, it is considered “easy” because the very top teams will all be in the Reisinger Board-A-Match, so we won’t have to face Hamman, Zia, et al.  If you see us at the club on Sunday, you’ll know it didn’t go well.


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