Burgers the way they ought to be

Bison burger, ciabatta bun, phenomenal onion rings.

Yesterday’s restaurant was merely acceptable, today we hit the big time.

Lunch was at the Burger Bar, the ultra-upscale diner from Chef Hubert Keller, of Fleur de Lys fame.  Situated on the sixth floor of the Macy’s building on Union Square, the windows overlook the teeming crowds shopping, sunning and just hanging out in the City.

The menu is spectacular: you can have your burger with Angus beef, organic beef, Kobe beef or Bison, as well as chicken and veggie options.  Toppings span the gamut from 45¢ chipotle aiole to $30 for 1/3 ounce of truffles.  Burgers start at *8.75 and go up to $60 for the Kobe beef, truffles and foie gras version.  Even though Ross was buying lunch I couldn’t bring myself to blow that kind of cash on a  burger.

They have an entire page of the menu devoted to milk shakes–which are $7 and worth every penny.  I had the nutella shake, with chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, nutella and chocolate whipped cream. Incredible.  You can also get alcoholic shakes, which are deadly.  They taste so good you forget that they are full of vodka and kahlua. Order only if you have a designated driver or a limo to take you home.

I had the bison burger–bison is very tasty, and somewhat leaner than beef.  My burger was cooked perfectly rare, on a warm ciabatta roll;  I may never have a better one.   The onion rings were perhaps the best I have ever had, and a stunning contrast to the grease bombs on my plate yesterday at McCovey’s.

Ross and Blake both ordered fried eggs on their burgers, and swear that there is nothing better.  I guess I’ll have to try that.  Burger Bar also offers the “hottest burger on the planet”, but even Julie, a fan of exceedingly spicy food, didn’t have the nerve to try it.

We loved this place.  It’s far from cheap, and there are enough calories in your meal that you won’t need to eat for a day or so (I’m writing at 9:00 p.m. and still not hungry), but if you want the perfect burger with any exotic topping you can imagine, and a splendid milk shake,  you can’t find a better place.

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