He fought the law, and the law lost

Some years ago, coming home from Albuquerque, I mentioned to the ill mannered drone at airport security that she should be happy, McDonalds would soon be hiring and she could get a real job.

She called the cops.

So the city of Albuquerque devoted 20 minutes of valuable police time to threatening to arrest me for “disturbing the peace”, a crime that seems to be totally undefined beyond whatever the police want it to be in the moment.  Then they let me go, because I had not done anything wrong in the first place and they weren’t succeeding in intimidating me.

I am really pleased to bring you this story:



Phil Mocek fought the law, and the law lost.  They arrested him on trumped up charges of crimes that don’t even exist.  The jury found him not guilty on all counts.  He didn’t even have to testify–the “evidence” presented by the prosecution proved his innocence.

Cops and the TSA hate to be photographed, but the law says you can.  They just don’t want their constant abuse of your civil liberties to be seen in public.  Notice how they make up laws–just because the cops tell you something doesn’t make it so.

The incessant erosion of our civil rights in the name of so-called “security” is a much greater problem in the long run than the chimerical dangers the TSA and Homeland Security keep trumpeting to keep the populace in a never ending state of fear.  We need more men like Phil Mocek to push back against their depradations.






3 thoughts on “He fought the law, and the law lost

  1. Who invented the homland security? After the last congressional election one thinks the American people, or the majority of you, have forgotten, about the real undertaker of democracy – what was the role of this “Security” during the New Orleans catastrophy…?
    This time i am glad to live in Europe – lol

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