Worst Super Bowl ad

Every year, there is a major competition around the TV ads during the Super Bowl.  Companies spend multiple millions of dollars to catch the eyes and imaginations of the viewers.

Some ads are winners, some are losers.  I think this Pepsi ad is the big loser of the year, glorifying domestic violence..

Men are constantly demonized as being physically abusive to their mates, yet women are allowed and even encouraged to assault men.  This ad is a prime example:


The woman in this ad is just plain violent and abusive.  Her behavior is inexcusable on any level.  I find nothing funny or amusing or instructive here, and do not feel in the least motivated to purchase any Pepsi products by her behavior.

4 thoughts on “Worst Super Bowl ad

  1. Agreed, 100%. She was also abusive to a young woman. I thought those ads were terrible. You will be pleased to know that no Pepsi products have been purchased for the Unit game on Sunday

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