ATT wrap-up

Kate and her hat signed by Michael Bolton

We had a great time doing nothing, basking in the sun, scarfing hot dogs and watching a tiny amount of golf.

I’m not much for following the crowds and trying to see what is happening, so we went straight to the eighteenth green, grabbed the best seats and hung out.  Groups of players would make their way up to our location, then drop a few balls in the sand trap to practice, then putt out four or five times, then leave to let the next group in.

Eventually, the celebrity challenge group came up–they didn’t play 18 holes, so it was about 1 1/2 after they teed off.  A huge crowd came with them, but we already had the good seats—laziness pays off sometimes.

Michael Bolton and Clay Walker won the Celebrity Shoot Out, but the interesting thing was watching Kevin Costner.

Costner has 3 kids, maybe 2, 4 and 6 years old.  After the Shootout ended, his kids got to playing in the sand traps and making a mess, as little kids will.  He tried to get them to stop, but the littlest one especially was pretty wound up and just wanted to run through the sand.

Here’s the good part: after he got the kids corralled, Costner stopped and took the time to rake the traps out properly.  He could easily have just left and the grounds crew would have made it right, but he was a responsible man about the whole thing and cleaned up his kids mess.  My respect level for him grew quite a bit today.






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