Not all the stars play bridge

Our friend Larry Ledgerwood, husband to the beautimous BJ, is a star in his own right:


Sailor of the Week

Larry Ledgerwood
Ledgerwood Profile
US SAILING’s National Sailing Program Symposium (NSPS) Chairman Larry Ledgerwood of Walnut Creek, Calif. was ecstatic with the turnout from last month’s NSPS in Clearwater Beach, Fla. Over 270 sailors attended the event. Larry has played a significant role in the growth and the direction of this signature US SAILING event for sailing education, and was honored at NSPS with US SAILING’s Ginny Award for service and support to sail training.

Larry is a true believer of NSPS and the value it has as a catalyst for new programs and a support base for existing ones. “At this year’s NSPS, I was struck by how many people are touched by all the organizations that attend NSPS,” Larry said. “The fact that we have the reach that we do, and the talent, experience, and dedication that is represented by the attendees is nothing short of astounding.”


Besides being a world-class sailor, Larry is a dedicated amateur photographer and my bird-shooting (with a camera) buddy.  I’ve never entirely figured out what he does for a living, but he gets to travel to France to do it, so I’m jealous.

Congratulations Larry.

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