Progress at the club

Things are moving along at the bridge club these days–here’s a brief update:


The Bridge Pads have been ordered and should arrive in a week or two.  The players all know how to use them, but it will take a few days for the directing staff to get up to speed on the new technology.  After that, game results will be instantaneous.


Iris and I went into the city yesterday to Economy Restaurant Supply to look at table bases.  Her brother is crafting new table tops, and we purchased 35 pedestal bases to put them on.  The new club will have all new tables with padded tops.


The Mike Lawrence seminars are selling out quickly. Mike is coming in June to give 4 days of lessons, and they will be fabulous.


The new location had some tenants who had to move out before renovations could be started, and the last of them is now out, so things are moving along on schedule for an early April move.  Stay tuned for more news as it occurs.

One thought on “Progress at the club

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the very nice words about our show Boeing Boeing and especially my performance!! I was in the union for 20 years and have just left, in fact, Boeing Boeing was my first non-union show in 20 years!!! Ahhhh!!!! It was a hard decision but Im a stay at home Mom now and decided that Walnut Creek is as far as I can travel to do theatre so leaving the union seemed to work for me. Im still deciding if it was a good idea or not. LOL!
    THanks again, we appreciate you coming!

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