Smart people

Spend your life playing bridge, and you’ll get to know some pretty darned smart people–there are more PhD’s in the room than you can shake a stick at, not that you’d ever know it.  I’d guess graduate education is the norm among us, not the exception.

All of which is to say that I’m not too often impressed by the education or the smarts of the people around me–I’m accustomed to it.  Yet, last night we went to a small party in Berkeley where the hostess, a longtime friend of Gail’s named Karen McNally, has not one but two doctorates, (seismology and physics).  She is a professor at UC Santa Cruz, and also in a university in Costa Rica.  She plays the French Horn, rides horses and collects art.  This impresses me.

The party was to celebrate the installation of a new work of art, by her friend and ours, Nina Lyons.

Nina in front of the new art

Nina works in both 2 and 3 dimensions–we have a good number of her sculptures, and a few of her drawings.  This new work is almost a combination of the two, as she is working on a sheet of copper and drawing/etching/engraving something or another to transfer the image from her mind and heart onto the metal.  She has a nice website, too.

Nina and Karen

It was a classic Berkeley party–organic vegetarian food from Saul’s Deli, teachers, actor, art dealers and artists on the guest list.

SR, Demi, Gail and Nina

Kate, Demi and Chloe came over to visit, and pick up their tickets for the Monster Trucks.

So this isn’t perhaps the most important event I’ve ever written about, but we sure had a good time, loved the art, scarfed the tabouli, sloshed down the wine and got to talk with really smart people.  What more could you ask?

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