The Eagle Soars

Eagle Scouts Joe Bugbee, Aaron Bandler, Dan Mangin

Life isn’t all bridge.  Some people have kids and grandkids.  Not me, but some people.  Like Mike Bandler.  Today, we went with Mike and Linda to see their grandson, Aaron, be invested as an Eagle Scout.

Make no mistake, this is a BIG DEAL.  It was tough to make Eagle long ago, when I was a (non-Eagle) Scout, and it’s tougher now.  The young men have to demonstrate leadership both within their troop and in the greater community as well.  They must complete an independent project, as well as collect 21 merit badges, each of which requires demonstrated proficiency in some particular area.

David, Aaron and Melinda Bandler. One very proud family.

Some proud grandparents, too.

Aaron thanking his Eagle Scout mentor and other supporters

A Troop 834 cheer for the 3 new Eagles.

Eagle Scout is an impressive achievement, I’m glad we got to be there to see Aaron get the recognition he has earned.

2 thoughts on “The Eagle Soars

  1. Wow – Thank you Chris! We are very proud of Aaron and delighted with your blog posting about him. I’d love to see all your photos. Thank you for sharing in this special day.

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