Fair bridge, decent food

The best restaurant in Gatlinburg may well be No Way Jose’s Mexican.

No, it isn’t modern Central American Fusion.  Not Spanish tapas. Just regular Mexican, but done well.

Gatlinburg is pretty clearly badly hurt by the recession–there are vacancy signs on the motels, empty storefronts, tables available at No Way Jose’s.  There were even 2 parking spaces in front–and that’s just unheard of around here.  In past years it has been a challenge to cross the street with all the traffic, but not not.  The point of this is that there were really too many empty tables tonight for a good restaurant in a tourist town.

So we got in quickly, and started looking at the huge menu, with all the usual things.  I always read the entire document, then order the Fajitas, so that’s what I did.

In a tourist town, the goal is always to feed the customers and get them out so you can turn the table, and tonight was no exception.  Our drinks came, orders were taken and the food arrived toute de suite. 

We started with the guacamole–they make it fresh onsite, an it was as good as you could ask for.  Portion sizes here in the south are enormous, which may explain why I feel like a skinny guy around here. Bob and Jack each had the quesadilla, and I’ve never seen them that large.   Bruce and I had the fajitas, and neither of us could finish our dinner, but not for lack of trying.

Mike has one (1) glass of red wine with dinner every night, usually Merlot or Pinot Noir.  The wine list in a Tennessee  Mexican restaurant, as you might imagine, is not very extensive.  Burgundy, Chardonnay and White Zin.  So Mike tripped me up, and did something I’ve never seen in the hundreds of times we have been out to dinner.

Yep, that's a Corona, lime and all.

There was just too much dinner for any of us to crave dessert, so we bailed out of their for $18 apiece, tax and tip included.  Such a deal, such a meal.

Oh yeah, the bridge.  We won the morning KO, coming back from 22 down at the half.  Then lost the prime time KO by 1, after being up 26 at the half.  At least I was sitting out the second half, but I could surely have played one imp better in the first set.  Then Danny, Jack, Micky and I played cards in the evening–although I was rooting for us all to go out and play miniature golf instead.  Bob and Bruce stayed in the house and played pool, while the others won half our matches in the A/X loser swiss.

So tomorrow we play the finals of the morning KO’s, then start another prime time KO at noon.  This might sound like a silly grind to some people, but we love it.


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