It’s open!!!!!!

Phew!! All that stuff packed, moved, unpacked, sorted, arranged, laid out and dusted.

15 tables showed up for the first game.  Things seemed tight because the tables are larger than we are accustomed to–the layout will change and there will be more room, not to worry.

Micky and Bob P. won the first game N/S, Lorin and Brad won E/W.

Here are the photos:

3 thoughts on “It’s open!!!!!!

  1. Once again, I want to thank you personally for the things you do for the club, for the game, and just to enlighten up the place. Not everyone has the personality to be an extrovert. You and I do, and from one to another I thank you. Lorin

  2. Good job, Chris and Iris and everyone else involved here. It’s good to see all the smiles, but in fairness, the grumps may not have known they were being “taken.”

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