Save yourself the trip


Lunchtime Saturday, we thought we’d try a burger joint called CJ’s I’d heard good things about.

Right next to The Sweet Affair in the shopping center across Ygnacio Valley road from Heather Farms, CJ’s is well located and easy to find. There is seating both indoors and out, although the chairs outside are chained to the concrete, probably as a result of an expensive lesson in human nature.

The menu, which is on a large board over the cash register, is interesting and extensive, because they serve a full breakfast all day long. I always find biscuits and gravy tempting, but we were there to try out the burgers so I was disciplined.

I ordered the CJ burger–1/3 of a pound of supposedly Niman Ranch beef, with a wide choice of toppings, and substituted sweet potato fries for the included French fries.

What I got was an over cooked, machine formed patty of dubious quality. My “fries” were strips of sweet potato carelessly dropped in oil nowhere near hot enough to fry them, just sort of a good soak in warm fat. When I don’t finish my fries, you know they suck.

The only time I have a chocolate malt is when I’m having a burger, which isn’t often. So I was looking forward to a good drink of milk and ice cream and chocolate. What I got was less interesting than a “cool shake” at McDonalds–and they aren’t even allowed to use the word milk in the name.

So here’s my advice–if you’re standing in front of CJ’s thinking of lunch, turn right and have a great sandwich at The Sweet Affair. You’ll be glad you did.

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