Fulminating Coreopsis

I haven’t written in a while, and my fingers are itchy to say something.

The truth is, mostly, that I have another hideous cough, just like I did last year this time. No energy to write. And just like last year, I go to Kaiser, and they haven’t a clue.  They tell me that these things are viral, and antibiotics won’t help.  Then they give me antibiotics.

They take X-rays.  I can give you a long list of what I don’t have–TB, lung cancer, polio, pneumonia, psoriasis.  I actually thought TB was a possibility after my adventures in Ethiopia last years, but apparently not.  You know you’re sick when you hope it is TB so at least they would know what to do about it.

One of the interesting things about a cough that hangs on and irritates everyone around me is how many solutions people have offered.  I’ve been told to try local honey, tangerine juice, olba oil, hot showers, hot coffee/tea, cough drops, spiced tea, boiling clove water, cough syrup, different blood pressure medicine, odd chest massage, blowing my nose more, antihistamines, lots of vigorous sex (wait, that was my idea), and just standing in front of Kaiser and screaming that they needed to do more.  You can guess which ones of these I’ll be following up on.

I’ve decided to explain that I have a raging case of fulminating coreopsis.  It sounds awful, and nobody will tell me about their cousin who had it last year.  Meanwhile, I think I’ll just leave it alone and it will go away.  Or my nose will fall off.

One thought on “Fulminating Coreopsis

  1. Kaiser frustration: I started coughing at the beginning of August. A week later the family demanded I go see my PCP. PCP says, give it another week for cold to run its course, otherwise must be an infection. A week later things haven’t improved and email PCP. I ask for a refrerral to ENT and get shot down.3 days later and he hasn’t got back to me. I go see another Kaiser doctor. This one gives me a chest xray and a nasal decongestant. Previous doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics. I complete the antibiotics and no improvement. Family wants to kill me over continued coughing. I get a referral to allergy. While waiting for allergy appointment I see another Kaiser doctor to get an antihistamine prescrpition. Get shot down, but do get cough syrup with codeine. Finally see allergist and he says allergies unlikely because I haven’t had them before. I have all the tests done and surprise, no allergies. He puts me on a 4 week course of antibiotics and I get some super duper cough syrup that knocks me out from the allergist or my new PCP. I am now 4 months into it and still am not better. I ask for further treatment and told there isn’t any. A month or so later my symptoms are gone. A couple months later they are back.I get another prescription for the good cough syrup. A few weeks later, I am again symptom free and have been so for a month or so. Lesson learned: not much other than keep trying another Kaiser doctor until you get some help.

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