Take your SEAT

Big cities are amazing places–there is so much going on at any given time you just can’t keep up with it all.

Thursday night, we got invited to the opening of a very different kind of exhibit.  An artist and landscape designer named Topher Delany twisted heaven only knows how many arms to get this off the ground–a display of artistic/imaginative/functional seats/chairs/benches which are placed around the building in Fort Mason extending over the water–Herbst Pavillion and the other two, whose names nobody ever remembers.

She then prevailed upon artists and designers to create and provide these interesting artifacts, which will be displayed unguarded and exposed to the weather for the next year, or until some jerk destroys them.

Although we own a couple of pieces that Ms. Delany created (yes, Topher is a girl’s name.  Not that she’s a girl–her mother took her to lunches with Jean Arp in the 30’s) we heard of the show from Dave Allen, proprietor of Artefact Salvage in Sonoma.  Dave is the greatest merchandiser we have ever seen, and a darn good designer, too.  He created our dining room table, among other things.

Enough talking, here’s the sort of work you can go see for free at Fort Mason, courtesy of the city and Topher Delany.


Dave Allen's creation--it speaks of flotsam from the sea.


The chair is sitting on a huge mirror, with a bar code on it. I don't know why.


This is sort of a sea creature--and looks pretty indestructible, which is good for this site.


An airplane. More whimsy than practical, but whimsy is nice. I like whimsy.


Nice looking chair, nice looking girl. Not something I would skip.


A set, so you can sit with your friends.


Another cute chair, cute girl combo.I remember these thing from High School Biology--they're planaria!


And a group bench, or a bus stop.

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