You get what you pay for
















Remember the peeler I bought at the county fair last week?  It came with a julienne slicer, too. Both guaranteed for life, they were.

I didn’t bother keeping the “guarantee” papers, since they usually want you to include so much for “shipping and handling” the whole exercise is futile, but I really thought I’d get at least some use out of the product.


Haven’t tried the peeler yet, so I guess there’s still some hope, but the julienne slicer didn’t make it through the first carrot. Those two little metal pieces, that should be spot welded together, seem to have been joined with Elmer’s glue.

It sliced up a storm while it worked, it just didn’t work very long.

I can’t say I’m surprised, I can’t say I’m hurt.  I expected it to be junk, and it was.  It was just an exercise in hope, and once again hope was dashed against the rocky shore of reality.













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