Another fabulous garden

I’m not much of a garden guy–too much weed pulling in my youth has permanently soured me on the joys of gardening, this is the main reason why i like to get help at

Gail, though, likes gardens.  We have a big one, she’s on the board of a bigger one.   So it’s no surprise when people invite us to see their pride and joy.

After bridge on Tuesday, we went over to Stuart Schneck’s house, to see the magic his wife Christina has worked in the Oakland hills.

Right from the street approach, I knew we were onto something special.

This is a rare spiral aloe.

This really dark succulent is always stunning–and that’s just on the front walk.

These are poppies. Stuart swears they don’t harvest opium.

The garden in the front of the house is stunning, but nothing compared to the rear.  They are creating a sculpture garden within the plants, too.

The duck sculpture was a purchase from the Bancroft Garden sculpture show.

There are fountains, as in the background of the above shot.

The Buddha is from Christina’s mothers garden.

Stuart painted the fence–they both are artists.

I thought the figures on the fence Stuart painted were very Picasso-esque, and showed great artistic and emotional freedom.  Or maybe I’m just a lousy art critic.

A piece by Oakland artist Mark Bullwinkle.

This was once a barbecue.

Remodeling a barbecue into, er, ah, something else requires more imagination than I have.  Not more than Christina has, though.

Kangaroo paws. Who knew such a thing existed?

Finishing with the garden, we wandered into the house.  Art blossomed from every wall and surface.  Christina has worked in many media, and they are all on display.  Stuart paints some.  Their son paints a bit.  They collect. There is art just everywhere.

These are watercolors Christina does when she isn’t gardening.

A crazy quilt Christina did.

Color me impressed.  I first noticed Stuart a couple of years ago because he is a dead ringer for Scott Adams, the Dilbert author.  Then I started noticing his bridge.  Now I’ve seen his house, and the incredible amount of work and creativity he and Christina have put into it.

As always, scratch a bridge player and you’ll find something interesting and not bridge-related, underneath.


2 thoughts on “Another fabulous garden

  1. Hi Chris:

    I loved your blog story about the garden. You captured the essence of my passion. Your new herd of chicks is so wonderful. I really enjoy watching chickens.


  2. found your spiral aloe picture in a google image search. I’m in Cincincinnati and I’m trying to find where I might get one locally. Just wondering where you got yours.

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