A new kid in town

I can at least show you the front door


Nibbler’s Eatery, our favorite local place, has closed.  Daniel and Tracy are opening a new restaurant on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley and couldn’t run both.

Not to let a good space go to waste, though, they have remodeled Nibblers into The Fig Tree.  Last week they had what is called a “soft opening”, which means they are open, but not officially.  No advertising, no promotion.  Sort of a short shakedown cruise before jumping in with both feet (ok, that’s a hideously mixed metaphor.  It still makes more sense than a Sarah Palin world salad.)

The space has been repainted and decorated–it is warm but not cluttered, modern without coldness, very open, very clean styled.  Gail considers it an improvement.

The Fig Tree features much of the style of Nibblers, but with a vastly less complex menu and lower overall prices.  The central theme of the menu is the “burger bar”, a list of various meats, toppings and sauces so you can create your own gourmet hamburger.

Because they aren’t officially open yet (although they would love to see you there), I’m not supposed to review the food.  I’ll just have to say that Gail and I ate there, and it was good.  It will be better over time, too.

The Fig Tree will be a nice addition to the Pleasant Hill area–a local place for a good, but not fancy, meal at a reasonable price.  Give it a try.


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