Bad luck, good luck

Waiting for my plane to Chicago, they announced that due to thunderstorms around O’Hare, the flight was delayed for 1 1/2 hours.  Not to worry about connections, because they were all delayed by the same amount.

So while I was sitting there, I thought I’d go up and see if I could get promoted to an exit row seat.  Not very likely, but there wasn’t anything else to do.

The gate agent saw an open seat, but couldn’t book it. She kept trying, until she figured out the reason: the flight was canceled.  Oops.  Now she had to re-book me, and wasn’t finding anything out of ORD until tomorrow.  This isn’t good.

Here’s the reason I’m very nice to these people, even though I know they lie to me incessantly.  She kept trying, and found me a seat on Air Canada, non-stop to SFO.  It’s a wait–the flight doesn’t leave Toronto until 5:10 (instead of the 12:00 flight I had originally), but since I don’t have to change planes it gets in about 3 hours later than originally planned.

Nothing is easy, though.  I had to exit terminal 3, backwards through security and customs, get my bag (after they got it off the plane), take the shuttle train to terminal 1, check in again, go through US customs and immigration again, go through security again, and wander off to the gate.  You know how much I love airport security, and this time I forgot to take off my suspenders, setting off the metal detector and triggering the full scan and pat down.  America will be glad to know I am neither armed nor dangerous.

Now I’m dawdling over lunch because I have a chair, a table and an electrical outlet.  Thank God there’s free wifi in this place.  I’ll be home tonight, I hope.


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