More fine dining

Yesterday’s daytime excitement was a trip to the San  Francisco Street Food Fair, in the Mission district.

We drove in, magicically  willed a parking space to materialize, and met up with Ed and Sheryl Nagy and Lisa Evans, who had come in on BART. The first thing Ed said was “There are meal worm tacos, two to a plate.  I’ll eat one if you’ll eat the other.”  How could I resist an offer like that?

Right there on the sign--and they still had customers!


Doesn't it just look yummy?


Ed and I dove in, and it was just fine.  By the time you put the cheese and the salsa and some onions on the whole wheat tortillas, you can’t really taste the cooked worms anyway.  They end up just being generalized protein.  And I still get the credit for being adventurous and brave.  Win-Win.

There were dozens of booths along the 4 blocks of Folsom Street closed off for the fair, featuring all the food you can imagine and some you can’t–like those tacos.

Biscuits and Gravy. Not like you'd find in the South, sadly.


A very good cheeseburger.


Gail and Sheryl bought tokens to get a glass of wine, but when we got into the liquor area (first having to show our ID’s to prove we were 21.  Stupidity isn’t just limited to the TSA), there was no wine, just beer and mixed drinks.  Poor Gail had to throw down a Cuba Libre.


The people watching in the city is always great.

Not often that you see Elmo in a stroller.


LIsa's new hat


She looks pretty good in it.


We had a good time, but by 12:30 the streets were so jammed we could hardly move and each stall had an exceptionally long line, making further grazing slow and unpleasant, so we headed out.

I think we’d like to go back next year–but get there earlier and plan on leaving earlier.  I wonder what strange food I’ll be able to try?


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