Waxman, man of many hobbies

I’ve known Lorin Waxman for longer than either of us care to remember–but he’s been playing bridge for over 30 years, which I guess is a clue.

When he isn’t playing bridge, Lorin likes to fish.  At least that what he calls it.  I think he just likes to torture fish.  Lorin will fly to the far reaches of Montana, hike into the hills, get up at 0-dark-30, wade into an icy stream, hook a trout, then LET IT GO!!

This is called “catch and release”.  I call it insanity, but what do I know?

It really is beautiful in Big Sky Country.


Okay, so the big time conservationists all approve of catch and release.  It’s considered cool by the Sierra Club and tree huggers from all over.  It even has an article in Wikipedia, which says it’s a good thing.

If I’m going to go to all the trouble to outwit a creature with an IQ of 12 which eats mosquitos,  I’m going to be frying it in butter and tarragon, covering it in slivered almonds and having dinner.

Proud fisherman showing off his trophy before putting it back.


There isn’t any point to this article, I just thought I write about Waxman because he gave me a couple of photos to share.  Fishing keeps him off the streets, and that can’t be all bad.

3 thoughts on “Waxman, man of many hobbies

  1. Lorin is an excellent bridge player. I am glad to be his bridge partner once a month. He told me that playing bridge is his hobby but fishing is his passion.

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