How lazy can you get?

Pancake batter for those who can't or won't crack an egg


Back in grandmother’s day, pancakes were a chore to make.  You needed flour, buttermilk, baking soda, salt, egg, baking powder and elbow grease to make a great batter.

Then Bisquick came along and made everyone’s life easier–just measure out a couple of cups of the magic powder, add an egg and a cup of milk and you were in business. Not just pancakes, either.  You could make waffles, biscuits, cobblers, lots of good things from the oven with very little work or hassle.

Now I see this new product in the store–a small jar of pre-measured Bisquick.  Just add a cup of “cool water”, shake it up and pour, and you have pancakes.  On sale this week for $1.29, it makes 6-8 hotcakes for your breakfast pleasure.

A box of Bisquick is $4.29, and makes 50 pancakes, but you have to add that pesky egg and milk.  Although it’s still cheaper by a mile, I guess to some people time is more important.

Since the invention of the wheel, each new time/labor saving creation has been greeted with catcalls of “how lazy can you be?”  I guess this is no different, but it sure seems silly to me.


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