That Bar

Jack and Lisa have been telling us about this joint in Danville with duelling pianos where you have to get there 3 hours early to get a seat.

We don’t get anywhere that early.  Period.

Fortunately, tonight Jack, Lisa and Sheryl Nagy went to That Bar and secured a table early, while Gail and I slipped in as the music started.  I was cooking dinner for Toby and Molly and Toby’s dad, (the kids are going back to college soon) so we weren’t able to join  them for dinner.  We had pasta with brie and fresh tomatoes, instead of burgers and fries at the bar.

And what a bar!!  Just a plain old bar, sports-themed, too many TV’s, tall tables and stools, and a tiny stage area with two pianos. It’s a restaurant, too; I saw lots of fried things coming out of the kitchen.  If you have to get there at 5:30 to get a table they have to feed you.

What everyone is waiting for are the piano guys, who start at 8:00. They seem to be able to play everything, and for $3 will do any song you like.  Bad jokes and ad libs are free.  Audience participation is expected.

I don't know **why** Jack looks like that, but I think it's funny.

This is more like him.

One of the piano guys.

The other piano guy

After a while, Chuck Wong came in.  He can really sing, which should have embarrassed the rest of us.  But it didn’t.  The whole room sings along with most of the songs, and my total lack of talent is no handicap.

Chuck. Tennis player, singer, bridge player. Man of many diversions.

Here’s what it sounds and feels like:

The piano guys are there Wednesday thru Saturday nights.  We had a great time, and we’ll be going back.  But only if Jack and Lisa get there at 5:30 to save a table for the 8 pm music.  I’m still not waiting that long.

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