Living in the modern age

It’s our last night here, and we’re pretty well exhausted.  All this doing nothing and then going out to eat is tiring, I guess.  So instead of piling into the car and finding some great restaurant in Lahaina, we just walked back to the Hula Grill, at the Mariott Resort nearby.

It wasn’t early, almost 8 pm.  Even though this is the low season here and there are relatively few people, the restaurants at the big hotels like the Marriott are jammed, and the hostess told us it would be a 45 minute wait.  We’re not much for waiting.

So I pulled out the phone, opened the app, and searched for a nearby place to eat where we could get a reservation.  Astonishingly, the Hula Grill popped us, with an 8:15 table available.  So I took it, and in 8 or 9 minutes we sauntered right back up to the desk and announced we were there for our reservation.

We were seated in a matter of seconds.  As we ate, I could see people making their way to the desk clutching the brightly lit pagers they assign to people on the waiting list.

Why they tell walk-up there is a 45 minute wait when they are still offering online reservations is a mystery.  But the moral of the story is clear–in this day and age it’s silly to go out without reserving a table first, even if you do it 4 minutes in advance as you are walking in the door.  I don’t create it, I just report it.

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