Missed it

My last post was my 500th.  I thought I’d write something trenchant about blogging, but then forgot the count and wrote about the play we saw last week.

So I’ll celebrate with my 501st post.

Blogging is fun, mostly.  Sometimes it feels like work, like I have an obligation to write whether or not I have anything to say. But then I usually have something to say about the state of the world or the price of tea in China, so the words flow out.

I spend much of my life grousing about the sorry state of politics in this country, but don’t bring it into the blog too much–there are people who write political blogs all day every day and they do it better than I can.  If you see something political here, it’s because it is just too blatant or outrageous to overlook, or because the politicians have done something hilarious.  There’s less of that with Sarah Palin hiding out wherever she is cowering, not answering any of the questions the new book about her raises.  I hope she stays there.

Blogging about bridge lost it’s allure quickly as I ended up in constant fights with people who wanted to control what I write.  So I don’t.

Blogging about restaurants and theater continues to be enjoyable, except when I can’t put my thoughts into good enough words, like the last post, for instance.  I’ll take any excuse to go to the theater, and Gail would eat dinner out every night of the week, so I get plenty of opportunity to practice.

There is a never ending stream of bad customer service to feed my other main line of writing–just how bad companies can treat their customers without going out of business.  Once in a while I get to write about the smart ones and how well they take care of me, but that happens far too rarely.

This is the point where some authors get busy pandering to the audience saying “this is your blog, too.”  Well, it isn’t.  I write it, you read it, that’s the social contract here.  I love comments, I wish there were more of them.  If you have ideas, let me know.  Just be prepared for my often crusty and contrarian view.

Hey, that’s why I get the big bucks.  Or no bucks at all, but it’s kind of nice to have a job I can’t be fired from.

So thanks for reading, I’ll try not to get solipistic again until I hit 1000 posts.

2 thoughts on “Missed it

  1. Chris,
    I love your blog…find it highly entertaining! Nick sends it to me, since for some reason I can’t log on. I also think it reminds me of how I remember you, always funny and full of ideas.
    I have retired to the North Fork of LI, full of wineries and great restaurants. It would be great if you had a bridge tournament out here, would love to see you.(or any other time you are in NYC). Have family in Long Beach,Ca.they are after me to come and visit, just might do that.
    I’m sure your Dad and mine are smiling down, after all these years. I always smile and think of our family after I read your blog. Long lost cousin, Pat Reilly

  2. I enjoy each and every blog you write. Or, at least the ones that I read. I try to read all of them. Brad can attest to the fact that I often laugh out loud. Keep them coming.

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