Big news–if you are a local restaurant lover, at least.

Dinner tonight at Metro, our new sort-of favorite place in Lafayette.  We went out with Mike Rippey and his sweetie, Gretchen.

The cute one is Gretchen. Notice how nice the patio at Metro is on a warm evening. Or a cool one, with the heaters right there.


All of a sudden, walking through the dining area, I recognize the big good looking guy in the chef’s coat.  It’s Arnold, the chef at Va Da Vi.  Except we aren’t at Va Da Vi.  What’s going on?


Chef Arnold in his new workplace.

Yep, the big news on the local food scene is that Arnold has moved to Metro.  Already the menu seems to have more small plates, his signature touch.

Mike had the beet salad–and it’s just a work of art:

Beet salad, or painter's palette?


I had the butternut squash soup, among other delicious small dishes:

Healthy soup can still taste really good.


And we ate and talked for a couple of hours.  The sun set, the lights came on, the patio got even more pleasant:

I'm only slightly in love with my new little camera.


Metro was good before.  Now with Chef Arnold, it may well soar to the top of the local foodies lists.  Give it a try.

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