Always looking for adventure

Sunday was a busy day.  We started out with breakfast with our four houseguests, leftovers from Saturday night’s bridge party.  Then Kate and Brad came over to see the photos from their wedding and honeymoon.  I made an exceptionally cool video of all the pictures, which I’m just silly proud of.


A quick trip to Sonoma followed, so we could check out the big yard sale at Artefact Salvage.  The good news is that we didn’t find anything we needed to have.

Coming home, we stopped to visit our friend Harry Siter, a artist of boundless energy and creativity who is busily converting a shipping trailer on his lot into a sewing room, deck and wine cellar.  He promises a huge party to open (and stock) the wine cellar when it is complete–I’ll share photos of the debauchery, or use them for blackmail.

Harry in his kitchen, artfully converted from a barroom.

Gail had a glass of champagne there–Harry has some really cool glasses that he bought for 20¢ at a thrift store:


Sometimes I just like the photo

California has notoriously clear skies, which is awfully nice in general but doesn’t lead to beautiful sunsets.  Sunday, there was a change in the view:

Sunset over Mare Island

Leaving Harry’s, I made a wrong turn and ended up crossing the Carquinez Bridge, so we decided to stop and hunt for dinner in Crockett.  A few weeks ago we ate at the Dead Fish, a fairly upscale kind of place on the hill overlooking the straits and the bridge.  Sunday, we snuck down under the bridge to eat at Nantucket, more of a local dive right on the water.

Carquinez Bridge from Nantucket restaurant


As local dives go, Nantucket is pretty darned good.  I had the angel hair pasta with rock shrimp, Gail had the calamari steak, both of which were exemplary. Sometimes you find great food in hidden away places, and this was one of those times.  We ate at a picnic table on the deck in the balmy October air, but the dining room looks inviting, too.

Not much of a crowd; the cooking deserves better attendance.

And that’s how you make a full day–start out with friends, add more friends, go see yet more friends.  Throw in some good food and a touch of adventure and you’ve grabbed just about all the gusto you can from your 24 hours.



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