Chuck Wong, Diamond Life Master

Chuck and his rarely seen wife, Leona. She throws a heck of a party.


Big party Saturday night for Chuck Wong, who has gone over 5000 points and is claiming the title of Kirkland/Costco Life Master.

That’s because 2000 or so of those points came from playing on Bridge Base, which is almost like bridge except that you can’t make as many mistakes–revokes, bids our of turn, insufficient bids, leads out of turn are all prohibited by the software.  You can even win points playing with and against robots, so there is no human element at all.  It’s a game of some sort, it just isn’t bridge.

But I’m not here to denigrate Chuck’s accomplishment–5000 is a ton of points, and you don’t get there without being a damn fine player.  The league says that you can only count online points for 1/3 of the total needed for any given rank, so he won’t be a true Diamond Life Master until he collects another 60 or so real life points.   The way he plays, that should take a few weeks, at most, less if he goes to a regional or the nationals.

The party was great–Chuck and Leona have a beautiful house in Blackhawk, and there was food enough for an army.  Ron Kow (and the elusive Helen) brought won tons, spicy for most people and mild for the sissies like me.  There was a bit of caviar to spread on the brie, for some high class luxury.

The diamond probably isn't real.


As any good party should, there was cake.

Then there was the video of the opera Chuck sang in last month in Livermore–I have always found that every bridge player has some other interesting avocation, and Chuck is no exception.

So congratulations Chuck.  Only 2500 more points to Emerald.  I’ll race you.





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