Once an Aggie……………

What the world sees of the US these days


Forty years ago, I was sitting on the railroad tracks in Davis, protesting the munitions trains running through the city carrying napalm and other war matériel towards our folly in Vietnam.

We pretty much got along with the police–they didn’t mind if we sat symbolically on the tracks, as long as we moved when a train came through.  Well, it made sense at the time.

I remember a cop going on a coffee run for his friends who agreed to bring me a pack of Marlboros.  They were 50¢ at the time, which I gave him.

I’d like to think that that cop would be as horrified as I am by the brutal, extra-legal, immoral, atrocious behavior of the UC Police last Friday, pepper spraying completely non-violent protesters.  I’d like to, but it seems to me that the police have become so much more militaristic, more violent, more distanced from the citizens they are sworn to protect and to serve, that the idea of actually working with, helping and talking to citizens is out of their range of behavior.  They only know brutality and force.

This is not a good thing for our nation.  We have let the civil servants become the masters, and we are considerably worse off for it.

How did we fight a war to get rid of the Gestapo, only to create our own?

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