A fine and fancy ramble at the Zoo

Not having much to do today, we headed down the to War Museum, which everyone says is a must-see.

It was closed.  Closed from 11 to 1:30, and we got there at 11:05.  We’ll try again tomorrow.

Fortunately, the zoo and botanical gardens are next door to the museum, so we went there.  Mike and Linda visited yesterday, and said we needed to see the orchids.  I’ve never needed to see an orchid in my life, but they seemed excited about the whole thing, so in we went, spending the $0.90 apiece for admission.

It was a pretty nice place, I guess.  Not quite as good as Knowland Zoo in Oakland, but it will do.  I’m just going to put a gallery of photos here, there isn’t much to say on the subject, just show you what I saw.



2 thoughts on “A fine and fancy ramble at the Zoo

  1. Chis, Sandy and I have been anxiously waiting for you current events of the day. Enjoying your reviews I was in Thailand and Saigon in 1969, but I was not allowed of the base for much entertainment due to my USAF “specialty”
    Yes, you pointed to the right person regarding the bird.
    That is the Great Hornbill…..”Buceros bicornis”, common in India and Asia. A smart bird


    • Thanks Nick.

      Even if you had gotten out in Saigon, you wouldn’t recognize it today. An amazingly modern city with 9 million people and 5 million motorbikes, zooming around in the craziest traffic you’ve ever seen.


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