Stirring up trouble

Three forty five am us a God-awful time for the alarm to go off, but it’s the price you pay for a six am flight to Orlando (via Dallas, of course) and a few days of carousing with Gail’s evil twin, SR.

I’m headed to Delray beach to take a photo workshop on Monday. One of my favorite photographers, Rick Sammon, is teaching and I’m hoping to get a lot out of it. He’d better be good, to justify being up this darned early.


Now we’re in Dallas, changing planes. They give out the gate assignments for connecting flights just becore landing and I think some poor schnook got up for our pre-dawn flight to DFW only to connect to a flight right bak in the same direction going to Honolulu. Another insane routing.

A couple more hours and we’ll be in Orlando and the debauchery will begin. Stay tuned.


Sunrise over the Sierra from the plane window.


One thought on “Stirring up trouble

  1. Four possible reasons come quickly to mind for flying SFO-DFW-HNL:

    1) It was the only routing for FF ticket availability.
    2) Friends were on DFW-HNL that he wanted to fly with.
    3) The ticket price may actually have been less than SFO-HNL nonstop
    4) Mileage run.

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