Very comfortable food

The very busy open kitchen and chef's counter.


I guess maybe I just like restaurants with “24” in their name.

We loved SR 24 in Oakland, before it’s economic demise.  Now we can eat at Table 24 in Orinda, and it’s pretty darned good.

Friday night we ate there with Carol Sue Tracy and her friend Sterling, prior to the big comedy show at the Orinda Theater.  It’s a good thing I made a reservation, as the place was packed and people were waiting to get in.   Table 24 is the fourth or fifth restaurant to occupy its space in Theater Square, and I hope it stays a long time.

The cuisine is illed as “neighborhood comfort food”, and that seems to explain things pretty well.  This isn’t a white tablecloth establishment, it’s a local bistro where you can get a good burger or a good steak without much pretense, served by a capable staff.

Glorious fish tacos for Gail


I had the grilled fish sandwich–a large piece of grilled Ahi on an enormous bun, dressed most differently with slices of some kind of citrus fruit.  The bun was really too big, but the citrus salad was an interesting choice.  I thought the $5.99 they charged for the side of sweet potato fries was exorbitant, but at least the fries were great.



Carol stealing on of my sweet potato fries


Carol is pretty excitable, and tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, so her reaction to dinner was not completely unexpected.

Carol's pulled pork sandwich, with the "orgasmic" house made chips.


The chips come either baked or fried, but if you’re going to do it, you should go all the way–fried it was. Carol generally eats like a bird, but she cleaned her plate on this dinner.

The bill for 4 of us, with a couple of glasses of white wine, was about $100, tip included.  That’s hard to beat, and I expect we’ll be back.  Maybe my lucky number is 24.

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