Memphis, day 2

Mike Lawrence teaches his students not to give up–a bad board at the start isn’t the end of the game.

On our first hand today, Mike thought I made a takeout double.  I didn’t.  He bid, and we went down in a silly contract.  Being the studly types we are, we soldiered on without conflict about it.

Later, against the top seed at table three, the seed’s client made a silly bid and went down 1100.  On the last hand, two generally good players doubled my 1NT contract, didn’t defend well, and I made 3, for plus 580.  Since this is an IMP game, that’s a big difference.

I left before the final scores were up, but we’re doing at least alright–maybe not great, but we surely made back what was lost on the first board.

Churchill was right.  Never, never, never give up.


And now for something a bit lighter:

A bit of frivolity amongst the seriousness


Micky is famous for being focused on the game and oblivious to the opponents, so I was surprised today when he not only noticed but commented on this woman’s pedicure.  I guess we’ve finally found the way to get his attention away from the cards.


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